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This is a standard paragraph created using the WordPress Elementor text editor. It has a strong tag, an em tag and a strikethrough which is actually just the del element. There are a few more inline elements which are not in the WordPress admin but we should check for incase your users get busy with the copy and paste. These include CITATIONSabbr, bits of code and VARIABLESinline quotationsinserted text, text that is no longer accurate or something so important you might want to mark it. We can also style subscript and superscript characters like C02, here is our 2nd example. If they are feeling non-semantic they might even use bolditalicbig or small elements too. Incidentally, these HTML4.01 tags have been given new life and semantic meaning in HTML5, you may be interested in reading this article by Harry Roberts which gives a nice excuse to test a link.  It is also worth noting in the “kitchen sink” view you can also add underline styling and set text color with pesky inline CSS.

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New zipForms Editor

New zipForms Editor A new form editor option is now available to all California REALTORS inside of

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REALTORS® are different from non-member licensees in that they voluntarily subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics.

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