Sonoma County: Do You Buy, Sell, Own, or Manage Rental Property?

We are again at a pivotal moment in addressing the housing affordability crisis. On May 21, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors (BOS) will consider new rental housing policies. In December, the BOS, staff, and advocates highlighted the options below:

  • Expanding all state mandates to single-family homes; eviction and rent restrictions
  • Expanding landlord-paid relocation payments to tenants for legal evictions (up to 3 months rent)
  • Restricting owner’s ability to remove the property from the market; rent control as a supplement
  • Limiting legal evictions for substantial remodels; creating tenant re-occupation rights
  • Creating a new rental registry, fees, monitoring, and programs
  • Creating landlord-paid legal representation for tenants only
  • Creating an ordinance to automatically apply during emergencies, including a near-blanket prohibition on evictions (4 current declarations)

As members of this community, we understand the challenges faced by renters and rental housing providers alike. We couldn’t agree more – we have a severe housing affordability crisis – and everyone deserves a safe, secure, affordable place to live. The NorBAR government affairs team has been working hard to communicate with Supervisors and staff, and have submitted a range of data and formal input.

What Can You Do?

Your presence at the hearing sends a powerful message to Supervisors. May 21: County of Sonoma, 575 Administration Drive, Room 100A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. The hearing time could be the (9am) morning or (130pm) afternoon session – we will update you ASAP.

Contact your Supervisor and share about what this would mean for you, your family, business, retirement, etc. Your stories provide critical information on the realities of providing rental housing.

Who is My Supervisor (look up here)? 

District 1, Susan Gorin (east),

District 2, David Rabbitt (south),

District 3, Chris Coursey (central/Santa Rosa),

District 4, James Gore (north),

District 5, Lynda Hopkins (west),