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Types of Membership

REALTOR® Membership

Qualifications for REALTOR® Members
REALTOR® members, whether primary or secondary, who are principals (“principals” are defined, herein and throughout these bylaws when this terminology is used, as sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers or branch office managers of real estate firms) shall:
(a) Maintain a current, valid California real estate broker or salesperson license or California real estate appraisal certification or license; and
(b) Act as a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer of a real estate firm or office manager of a real estate firm acting on behalf of the firm’s principal(s); and
(c) Remain actively engaged in the real estate profession, (“engaged in the real estate profession” is defined, herein and throughout these bylaws when this terminology is used, as buying, selling, exchanging, renting or leasing, managing, counseling, appraising for others for compensation, building, developing or subdividing real estate); and
(d) Maintain or be associated with a real estate office located within the state of California or a state contiguous thereto; and
(e) Have no record of official sanctions rendered by the courts or other lawful authorities for (i) violations of civil rights laws or real estate license laws within the past three years or (ii) criminal convictions within the past ten years where the crime was punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year under the law under which the applicant was convicted (ten years is measured from the date of the conviction or the release of the applicant from the confinement imposed for that conviction, whichever is the later date).

Bylaws Section 5.2 Qualifications for REALTOR® Membership
*Membership is non-transferrable
All Dues, assessments, voluntary contributions, and fees are non-refundable.

Primary REALTOR® Membership

Fill out an application for membership. Make sure your broker signs it. Email your completed application to

REALTOR Dues Schedule
How to Pay Membership Dues

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Secondary REALTOR® Membership

This is only available if you are already an active REALTOR member of another Association and provide a Letter of Good Standing from your primary association. Email your completed application and Letter of Good Standing to

Secondary REALTOR Dues Schedule
How to Pay Membership Dues

Affiliate Membership

Once a completed application is submitted, the Board of Directors considers all applications at their monthly meeting. NorBAR will contact you for payment. All dues, assessments, and fees are non-refundable. Email your completed application to

Affiliate Dues Schedule
How to Pay Membership Dues

Designated REALTOR® Membership

If you are a DR REALTOR® (i.e. Broker of your firm), please click here for more information about responsibilities for all duties and obligations of membership including payment of Association dues.

REALTOR® Secondary Membership

What is Secondary Membership? A secondary membership means that you already belong to another association and wish to have a second membership with the North Bay Association of REALTORS®.

What are the benefits of being a Secondary Member? You will have the same access as our primary members; access to marketing meetings, professional development courses, disclosures, and more. This will not affect your MLS access in any way, since BAREIS MLS is separate from our Association. Please contact BAREIS MLS 707-575-8000 with any MLS-related questions.

How much is it? Since you have already paid your primary association’s local, state, and national dues, you will only have to pay for the North Bay local dues. Membership is $190/year and is pro-rated monthly. 

How do I become a Secondary Member? Email us a completed application for membership and a Letter of Good Standing from your current Association (this will allow us to adjust your dues).

  1. Complete the Application for Secondary Membership.
  2. Ask your primary association for a Letter of Good Standing (this will help us adjust your dues). 
  3. Email your completed application to We will contact you for payment. 


BAREIS MLS is independent from the North Bay Association.
For MLS, Supra, E-Keys; contact BAREIS MLS directly at 707-575-8000.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to real estate owners, and other individuals or firms engaged in activities related to the real estate profession, who do not qualify for REALTOR® membership or are current REALTOR Members. Affiliate members have interests requiring information concerning real estate and sympathy with the objectives of the AOR.

Limited Function Referral Office Certification (LFRO)

In accordance with Article IX, Section 2(b) of the association’s bylaws, this will certify that the undersigned Designated REALTOR® (or his firm) has a direct or indirect ownership interest in an entity engaged exclusively in soliciting and/or referring clients and customers to the REALTOR® for consideration on a substantially exclusive basis and are not participants or subscribers in any Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”).

This will also certify that all of the licensees affiliated with that entity are solely engaged in referring clients and customers and are not engaged in listing, selling, leasing, renting, managing, counseling, appraising, or arranging financing for real property and are not participants or subscribers in any MLS.

Bylaws Section 9.2(d) Dues 
LFRO Certification Form 


  • Contact us at 707-542-1579 or
  • Our office is open to the public, however, emailing your application to us to allows time to input it into our system. 
  • Office hours (excluding Holidays): Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm