Review the upcoming C.A.R. new, revised and discontinued forms.

Released scheduled the week of December 19th, 2022.  Although in it’s final stage, C.A.R. reserve the right to make last minute changes or postpone release.

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New Forms

Redlined Versions of Updated Forms

Discontinued Forms

The following forms are being removed from the C.A.R. Standard Forms library when the new and revised forms are released in December.

Business Forms: Business Disclosure Statement (BDS), Business Listing Agreement (BLA), Business Purchase Agreement (BPA);

Vacation Forms: Vacation Rental Agreement (VRA), Exclusive Authorization for Vacation Rental (VRA);

Trust Fund Forms: Trust Funds Received and Released (not placed in Broker Trust Account) (TF), Trust Bank Account Record For All Trust Funds Deposited and Withdrawn (TAA), Trust Bank Account Record for Each Beneficiary (TAB), Trust Bank Account Record for Each Property Managed(TAP)

Buyer Representation Forms: Buyer Representation Exclusive (Right to Represent) (BRE), Buyer Representation Agreement Non-Exclusive (BRNE), Buyer representation Agreement (Non-exclusive/Not for Compensation) (BRNN). All three forms being replaced by Buyer Representation and Broker Compensation Agreement (BRBC).

Notice of Identified Properties (NIP) which is being replaced by Notice of Broker Involved Properties (NBIP).

Termination of Buyer Agency (TBA) which is being replaced by Cancellation of Buyer Representation (COBR).